More About Me


I have lived in Nevada County for over 11 years now. I love it here! I have a lovely wife that I met in Nevada City, who is an amazing special ED English teacher at Nevada Union High School. Go, Miners!  I have 3 wonderful children that are all members of the Chicago Park 4H. I am also a leader in a couple of 4H projects. If you ever need help signing up, let me know. My family and I love to take walks and swim at Rollins Lake or down at the Yuba River in the summer. My son and I love riding our dirt bikes in the high country. Nevada County has some of the best OHV single track trails California!

I have a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. I love gardening and being around animals. Above all, I love helping others. I pride myself on my honesty, integrity, hard work and my service to others. I grow up with a background in construction, start at the age of 12. I even worked on an Amish framing crew for a while. In my late teens, early 20’s I owned and operated a small bike shop with my father. During my mid 20’s I spent some time traveling getting to know this great country, including hiking the Appalachian Trail from PA to Tennessee.

In real estate, I like to specialize in Agricultural related properties, such as ranches, equestrian properties, foothill farms, properties with room for goats and sheep, or even just property with room for a chicken coop and a garden. I love helping people develop and design the use of this type of land. In the past, I have worked with the USDA to obtain a Natural Resource Conservation grant to provide cross fencing to my herd of 25 goats. I would be more than happy assisting anyone in getting in contact with the right people to make this happen for others.

No matter how big or small the property or home you are looking to buy or sell, I would love to help you find that special place called home. I look forward to working with anyone that could use my services. At Intero Real Estate services we have a great team and we work together to help you with everything you need to close your deal. After that, I will personally be available to help you out with anything you need in the future. I have a great list of resources that I have personally used since living here and can point you in contact with someone for almost any need. I cannot wait to hear from you, so give me a call today!